Chrysler's new CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has said that he intends to conduct a thorough study of Chrysler's portfolio that will likely result in not only the adjustment of prices and equipment, but also in the slicing of under-performing models - which could mean the end of the road for at least four of the automaker's weak-selling offerings.

An analyst told Reuters that the Chrysler Sebring and Jeep Compass and Patriot could be headed to the chopping block, while the Caliber might survive if it was thoroughly re-engineered for more refinement and performance.

"Chrysler models are old and they have little appeal on the market," Giuseppe Berta, a professor of contemporary history at Milan's Bocconi University, told the wire service.

"Marchionne has to work out over the summer a bridge solution which will allow him to get to 2011," he said.

Dodge, Jeep and Alfa Romeo futures up in the air

Marchionne has said that he hopes to figure out by the end of this month just what direction Dodge, Jeep and Alfa Romeo will take in both the North American and global markets.

An early report indicated that the CEO has some interest in rebadging Alfa Romeo vehicles as Dodges for the North American market and vice-versa for Europe, though no official word has emerged from either Turin or Auburn Hills.

Meanwhile, Marchionne has shown some interest in thoroughly promoting the Jeep brand in the emerging markets of South America, where the iconic badge has seen little exposure under Chrysler's ownership.