The Alfieri hints at what an upcoming Maserati sports car could look like.

Maserati has arrived in Geneva with a striking concept that strongly hints at a new sports car that could see production in the near future.

Named Alfieri in honor of one of the Maserati brothers who created the company a century ago, the concept is a sleek 2+2 with sinewy lines and muscular flourishes.

Underneath the slinky sheetmetal, the Alfieri rides on a variant of the GranTurismo's platform with a wheelbase that's been shortened by 9.5 inches. The powertrain has likewise been borrowed from Maserati's big coupe, including a 460-horsepower 4.7-liter V8 and six-speed automatic transmission. Carbon ceramic rotors with Brembo calipers provide a counterpoint to the V8.

Minimalism is the name of the game inside, where simple, flowing lines provide a backdrop for TFT central and instrument display screens. Poltrona Frau analine leather provides a touch of opulence, as does copper-tone billet aluminum trim on the gearshift lever and clock.

In a not-so-subtle indication of what the show car could signal, Maserati says that it "boasts proportions that might well be archetypal for a future true sport car and certainly hint at the brand's stylistic intentions for the near future.

"As with all concept cars, there is a strong desire to turn the Alfieri into reality. Though not yet at the final prototype stage like tomorrow's grand touring, it has nevertheless been conceived, designed and created in an approach aimed at 100% realism."

Live images by Ronan Glon.