Matte finishes aren't for everyone, but it would be hard not to see the beauty in this gloss-free finish.

Special and limited edition models are a dime a dozen for many luxury and sports car makes, but every now and again automakers do something different enough to warrant taking a second look at the warmed over model.

This time around the sales push comes for the Maserati GranTurismo S Limited Edition thanks largely due to a very unique and eye-catching matte blue finish that really sets it apart from the standard model, and just about every other car on the road for that matter.

While matte finishes have been "in" for the aftermarket customization scene for the last few years already, few manufacturers have embraced the alternative paint technique due to its notoriously difficult-to-maintain nature. Until very recently, no paint manufacturer even offered (at any price) a solution to the delicate and un-polishable matte finishes. (Remember the Frozen Gray M3 that came with absolutely no paint warranty?)

Enough talk about paint, let's talk details on the GranTurismo S Limited Edition featured in the gallery above. For starters, Maserati says the car was created in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. This very exclusive car will see a production run of just 12 cars - a move that will surely place a premium on these cars if and when they are ever re-sold.

So what makes this car different?

For starters, it features the aforementioned Sebring (matte) Blue exterior paint, along with exterior accents in carbon fiber for the front spoilers, side mirrors, door handles and rear spoiler. The large brake calipers are made finished in hand-polished aluminum and are tucked away behind 20-inch matte black wheels, which also tie into the blacked-out headlamp housings.

Step inside this limited run car and you will be greeted by a level of luxury usually found on the well-equipped Stradale edition with carbon fiber accents and finishes throughout. There is also a very distinctive Centocinquantenario ("150th Anniversary") of Italian Unification plate located on the base of the center console.

Maserati did not openly announce a price, but if we were to venture a guess the guess would be that the car is already sold out to a very short list of exclusive buyers.