Volkswagen Group ousting CEO Matthias Mueller?

The former Porsche chief may not be immune to fallout from the diesel emissions scandal.

Volkswagen has issued a curiously worded statement suggesting Matthias Müller is on his way out as group chief executive.

"Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft considers a further development of the management structure of the Group ... This could also include a change in the position of the chairman of the Board of Management," the company wrote.

The company's supervisory board chairman, Hans Dieter Pötsch, is said to be in discussions with other board members and executives to decide who will be affected by the leadership changes.

"Mr Matthias Müller showed his general willingness to contribute to the changes," the statement added. "It is currently open whether the considerations and discussions will lead to a further development of the management structure or to personnel changes in the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft."

Müller so far has avoided any personal trouble with VW's diesel scandal, though unconfirmed reports have claimed that knowledge of the emissions cheat was more widespread across the group's management while Müller was serving as Porsche CEO.