Former senior VP of US operations, Robert Davis, has been reassigned to a "special assignments" role.

Mazda North America Operations has announced changes to its senior management in the United States.

The company's former senior vice president of US operations, Robert Davis, has been reassigned to a newly created role of SVP for "Special Assignments."

"In his new role, Davis will lead teams in the ever-growing areas of recall compliance and cybersecurity, with a focus on upcoming legislation, regulations and compliance and their impact on Mazda and the industry," the company said in a statement.

MNAO's vice president of sales and retail operations, Ron Stettner, has left the company after nine years to "pursue other opportunities."

The announcement comes just weeks after Mazda announced its final US sales tally for 2016, with deliveries down by 6.7 percent "following a 20-year-high record sales year" in 2015.

"Mazda is in a unique position to capitalize on customers' changing tastes, whether those tastes are in vehicle segments, design, content or the experience they receive at the dealership during the purchase process," said MNAO CEO Masahiro Moro. "In order to seize more than our fair share of this market shift, we are making these changes to our management team in order to mentor new leaders and give those leaders a chance to play a part in the next chapter of the company's success in the US."

The shakeup follows a similar leadership change at rival Hyundai, which recently replaced its US chief executive and its US heads of customer satisfation, corporate communications and human resources. Hyundai's US sales increased by 1.75 percent last year, however the numbers are said to have fallen short of internal targets.