Top will be more than $1,000 cheaper than previously announced.

Mazda announced late Wednesday that the new race-spec hard top for its MX-5 Cup racer will cost quite a bit less than the previously released MSRP.

Racers who need a removable hard top to meet race series requirements will be happy to learn that the new accessory will retail for just $3,085. While that sounds steep compared to previous hard top asking prices, it's a lot less dear than the $4,420 originally announced.

To add to that, this is a top designed exclusively for the Cup community. Previously, Mazda made a factory hard top available as a dealer-installed accessory for the road-going MX-5. That's not the case here. This top can only be ordered through Mazda Motorsports, which requires customers to demonstrate participation (or intent to participate) in some form of competitive series.

"We want to see as many Mazdas on racetracks in as many series possible, so this will undoubtedly help," said Mazdaspeed guru David Cook, in the announcement.

So, while it may not be cheap, it does at least lower the barrier of entry for one of the most affordable race series on the planet. And there's good news for early adopters, too. Case says that anybody who already ordered the top at the original MSRP will be refunded the difference.