Mazda will focus on its passenger car tech, a new report suggests.

Mazda has reportedly decided to concentrate its recovery efforts over the next few years on its more lucrative consumer vehicles, rather than commercial trucks it sells in many global markets.

Japan's Nikkei business daily says that Mazda will instead focus on passenger cars and its Skyactiv high-efficiency technology as it tries to drastically cut costs across the board.

The mid-sized Japanese automaker will drop out of the commercial market by the middle of this decade, a move that could have major implications for Mazda's presence in markets in Asia and Africa. Mazda's BT-50 pickup and a variety of light trucks and panel vans are built at various assembly plants spread across Asia, and its Bongo line of vans was once hugely popular in Japan.

Mazda sources many of its commercial vehicles from Japanese partners including Isuzu, Nissan and Suzuki, while the BT-50 was co-developed with former partner Ford Motor Company. It's likely that Mazda will continue to offer its BT-50 to consumer buyers, however.