Eschewing the bling rides so often favored by athletes is working in Alfred Morris' favor.

With the fame of playing for an NFL team usually comes the fortune of a hefty paycheck. And that's certainly true for second-year running back Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins.

Morris made headlines last year when it was revealed that he was still driving his first car, a banged up 1991 Mazda 626 affectionately nicknamed "Bentley." Today, nearly a year later, Morris still drives the car - but it's in for a treat courtesy of Mazda.

Morris revealed to CBS Sports that the 626 is undergoing a through reconditioning by Mazda. A new dashboard, an engine tuneup and some transmission work will bring the car back to its former glory. And Morris is pretty sure that a few perks will make their way onto the car, too

"Like a navigation system," he speculated.

CBS points out that the low-bling Mazda fits Morris' laid-back personality off the field. Earlier this year, he joined some Redskins fans at a bachelor party for a game of paintball.

But don't think that he's low key on at Fed Ex Field - during his rookie season last year, he broke a franchise record for single-season rushing yards, ranking third in NFL rookie history.