The Can-Am edition will retail for close to $600,000.

McLaren has decided to build a limited run of the ultra-exclusive 12C Can-Am Edition that was showcased last August at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The 12C Can-Am Edition is easily recognized by its McLaren Orange paint job, which the British automaker says is a tribute to the cars of Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme. The car's bright paintwork is contrasted by satin black sections on the roof, doors and bumpers. Of course there is also plenty of carbon fiber to keep the 12C Can-Am Edition visually interesting.

The 12C Can-Am Edition borrows most of its aero bits - most notably a large rear wing and aggressive front splitter - from the 12C GT3 race car. The result is 30 percent more downforce than the standard car. However, McLaren notes that the 12C Can-Am Edition has not been tailored to any specific racing regulations.

That racing theme carries over into the 12C's interior. The Can-Am Edition is fitted with two racing seats, six-point harnesses and a race-specification rollcage. The 12C Can-Am Edition even boasts a steering wheel derived from Lewis Hamilton's MP4-24 Formula 1 car. But, unlike Hamilton's race car, the 12C Can-Am Edition is fitted with an integrated air conditioning system, which is required in a growing number of race series.

The 12C Can-Am Edition uses the same 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 used in the road-going MP4-12C, but McLaren has managed to increase power from 617 horsepower to 630 horsepower. The 12C Can-Am Edition tips the scales at just 2,645 pounds (about 221 pounds less than the MP4-12C).

The Can-Am Edition will retail for £375,000 (about $600,000) when it goes on sale next March. Whether or not McLaren will offer the car in the United States is not currently known.