Buyers were required to put down a five-figure deposit and compete for one of 106 examples.

McLaren has already sold its full run of 'hyperluxury-GT' cars, despite a seven-figure price tag and scant details.

The company has only confirmed that its as-yet-unnamed car will be an homage to the iconic F1, sharing a three-seat layout with a central position for the driver. The only official image is a rough teaser sketch revealing a streamlined profile.

With just 106 units planned for production -- matching the F1 run -- the lack of information has not discouraged eager buyers. Speaking to Automotive News Europe, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt claims the company has been "absolutely inundated with applications" and five-figure deposits have already been placed for every example. Each is expected to cost around $2.5 million.

Known by the development codename BP23, the car will be McLaren's fastest and most powerful offering thanks to a gasoline-electric hybrid system and speed-focused aerodynamics.

Prospective buyers who missed out on the BP23 can commission a one-off vehicle via McLaren Special Operations. The BP23 is said to have started as such a project before the British automaker decided to make it a series production vehicle.