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It took 100 hours to create each one.

Customers on the waiting list for the McLaren's upcoming ultra-exclusive supercar, so far known only by its BP23 code name, have received an ultra-exclusive gift from the company.

McLaren gifted each customer with a BP23 speedform, a sculpture evoking an abstract conjuring of the car. Car designers sometimes use speedforms early on in the design process to establish themes and spark inspiration. McLaren's present measures 15.7 by 8 by 3 inches and weighs just under 8 pounds and depicts the car's 1+2 seating configuration. Each is engraved with a serial number.

McLaren says each Speedform was CNC machined and required 100 hours of labor, 30 of which were devoted to polishing. Only 106 were made, the same number of BP23 cars it plans to produce. That figure is significant because it's the number of original McLaren F1 supercars the company created during its run from 1992 to 1998. The $2.25 million BP23 sold out its 106-car allotment in just a few weeks. Sadly, McLaren has no plans to go through US certification.

The production BP23 will be revealed later this year, with the first examples delivered in 2019.