Three carbon fiber packs are available, along with skid plates, car covers, floor mats and more.

McLaren has detailed a wide range of new accessories that are now available for its entry-level Sports Series cars.

Three carbon-fiber packages are available, allowing owners to save weight with new side intakes, mirror casings, side skirts, aero blades, front splitters, bumpers, rear wings, rear diffusers, rear decks and plenum covers.

Some of the components are designed to protect the expensive vehicles. Other add-ons include indoor and outdoor vehicle covers, floor and luggage bin mats, and front skid plates that protect the diffuser from touching the ground.

Plenty of carbon fiber parts are available for the interior, ranging from switch packs and speaker surrounds to McLaren branded sill finishers. Other enhancements include colored seatbelts and revised steering wheels.

Most of the items can be purchased with a new 540C, 570S or 570GT, or added later as a retrofit.