The Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is a virtual peek at what a McLaren might look like in 2030.

McLaren is set to go racing in the virtual world with a new "prototype" known as the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo. The McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo will be featured in the new Gran Turismo Sport video game, due out October 17.McLaren stresses that the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is not a prototype for a future vehicle, but says the digital car was intended to predict what a McLaren production car might look like in the year 2030.

The Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo uses McLaren's signature teardrop-shaped cabin, but virtually every other surface is a futuristic take on the McLaren formula. The entire shape of the car was designed with aerodynamics in mind, including an ultra-advanced active aero system that is capable of opening and closing tiny aperture covers around air inlets on the car's body work to create downforce and drag on an as-needed basis.

The Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is made completely of carbon fiber, resulting in a curb weight of just 2,200 pounds. Power is provided by a hybrid system that consists of a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 driving the rear wheels and a pair of in-wheel motors at the front. Total system output is 1,134 horsepower and 940 lb-ft of torque. Brakes are carbon ceramic and are mounted inboard to reduce unsprung weight.

The interior of the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is pure race car with a unique driver position — rather than sitting in the middle of the car in a chair, the driver lays down on their front. McLaren didn't detail how driver controls might work with the unique setup.

"We wanted to break new ground and to innovate and the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo does exactly that," said Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive. "It puts the driver absolutely at the centre of the action, delivering a sensory overload with incredible sound and awe-inspiring acceleration."

He added: "The design form communicates exactly what the car's mission is and what its intentions are: it's the ultimate expression of the McLaren design pillars and principles we have already established, futured into the 2030s."

In addition to the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo Sport will also feature the real life McLaren 650S Coupe and 650S GT3.