The P15 will be McLaren's most extreme road car to date.

McLaren will reportedly launch an all-new hypercar by the end of the year that promises to be the company's most extreme road-going vehicle ever.Rumored for the last three-years, Autocar reports that McLaren will finally introduce its range-topping P15 model before the calendar flips to 2018. The P15 will be the second car in McLaren's Ultimate Series, joining the now out of production P1.

Insiders describe the P15 as a "track weapon," noting that it was designed with the goal of being "the most exciting and thrilling driving experience on track." However, the P15 will be fully road legal with seating for two.

Like every modern McLaren, the P15 will be powered by a version of the company's 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8. Rumored output is said to be 789 horsepower, which would be an improvement over the 727 horsepower engine used in the P1.

Although the P15 will lack the added power provided by the P1's hybrid system, it'll have an advantage in weight. By ditching the P1's electric motors and battery system, the P15 will tip the scales at just 2,866 pounds, or 544 pounds lighter than the P1. As a result, the P15 will have a better power-to-weight ratio than the P1.

Although far from official, early reports suggest the P15 will be able to accelerate from 0-60 in as little as 2.5 seconds, which would match the P1 GTR. The quarter-mile should flash by in the low 10 second range.

On the styling front, the P15 is described as "brutal," with McLaren only using bodywork where it gives a performance advantage. Most of the P15 will be crafted out of carbon fiber.

"This is the ultimate distillation of form following function," the insider told Autocar. "Whichever part of the car you look at, you will visually understand the function of the components."

Active aero will also be a big part of the P15 story. In fact, McLaren is taking aerodynamics so seriously with the P15 that it might be the first car to ship with military-derived ultrasound technology to clear the windshield instead of normal windshield wipers.
ultrasound technology
ultrasound technology
ultrasound technology

Although technically designed as a road car, the P15's interior will be extremely spartan. Expect lightly padded racing buckets and hardly any cargo space. The P15 reportedly has room for just two racing helmets in its cargo area.

McLaren will produce just 500 units of the P15 and it's likely every unit has already been spoken for. Pricing for the P15 reportedly starts from about $900,000.

And as if the P15 isn't impressive enough, McLaren is also working on a hard-core P15 GTR. Details remain scarce, but the P15 GTR will stick to a conventional drivetrain to save weight. Pricing for the P15 GTR could be double that of the standard car.