The new entry-level Sports Series accounted for more volume than McLaren's overall deliveries in 2015.

McLaren apparently exceeded its lofty growth targets in 2016 as deliveries effectively doubled since 2015.

The British supercar maker sold 3,286 cars last year, up 99 percent percent over the prior year's record numbers. The jump was driven by the entry-level Sports Series lineup, including the 570GT and 570S, which completed their first year on the market with a combined 2,031 deliveries.

North America continued to lead geographical distribution with a 106-percent increase to 1,139 cars, but Europe is quickly closing the gap with a 153-percent climb to just below 1,000 vehicles.

The downmarket shift does not appear to be affecting McLaren's bottom line, thanks to a 147-percent jump in Special Operations customization orders.

"While we will never again see another jump in sales volume of this magnitude, the reception to the new 720S and the new 570S Spider has been incredibly positive and initial orders for both are beyond our expectations," said McLaren sales director Jolyon Nash.

The company has already received more than 1,500 pre-orders for the

second-generation Super Series 720S since it was first unveiled in March, while a new 570S Spider will be officially unveiled this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The McLaren roadmap includes 15 new models or derivatives to land in showrooms by 2022.