Ultimate Series hybrid will be the most powerful, most aerodynamic McLaren road car ever.

McLaren released a design sketch of its new BP23 "Hyper-GT" Wednesday morning, giving us our first look at what it claims will be "[...] the most powerful and most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever produced."

Few details about the project have been shared, and this teaser doesn't reveal anything new other than elements of the exterior design. We can at least tell that the BP23 is very much a McLaren, elongated hips and all.

Thanks to McLaren representatives, we know that it will be a hybrid hypercar and a spiritual successor to the infamous McLaren F1--a highly exclusive three-seater with essentially no expense spared in the name of performance.

Despite McLaren's assertion about the McLaren's roadgoing intent, we don't expect it to be made street-legal for the United States. With only 106 examples slated for production, there's little sense in certifying it for sale Stateside.

The BP23 project is underway at McLaren Special Operations and the fist examples will be delivered in 2019.