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McLaren: EV tech for supercars not ready yet

by Ronan Glon

The Senna would weigh 4,400 pounds if it was electric.

McLaren will consider building an electric car when the right technology becomes available, the company has revealed. It's currently testing a battery-powered prototype but it's not ready to sell it to the public yet.

"We're running a project development prototype electric vehicle. We need to understand how an EV can possibly deliver a McLaren driving experience that's visceral and true to its DNA," revealed Jolyon Nash, McLaren's sales and marketing boss, in an interview with Motor1.

He added a high percentage of McLaren owners take their car to the track. They want to drive for at least 35 minutes before needing to fill up, which can't be done with an electric vehicle. Driving flat-out would deplete the battery pack in less than half an hour. Nash pointed out making the Senna (pictured) run on electricity would bump its weight up to over 4,400 pounds.

"With battery technology as it is today it can't happen - there's a binary choice between battery power that gives you torque and top speed but very limited range versus great range and limited performance," he concluded.

Though electric vehicles are out for the time being, McLaren is no stranger to electrification. The company remains committed to hybridizing 50 percent of the cars it makes by 2022.

Note: McLaren Senna GTR pictured.