An active rear wing moves upwards to optimize airflow, or pivots to an extreme angle as an airbrake in less than half a second.

McLaren has released another teaser image for the next-generation Super Series, due to make its formal debut in Geneva.

The closeup shot shows the redesigned supercar's rear flank, focusing on the new active wing that spans the full width of the car. Its angle can be continuously optimized to improve aerodynamic efficiency. When braking, it tilts to an extreme angle in less than half a second to serve as an airbrake and shift weight balance.

"A range of advanced aerodynamic technologies contributes to maximum generated downforce over 50% greater than that of the McLaren 650S and ensures truly outstanding levels of grip and stability," said McLaren executive director Mark Vinnels. "We have also markedly improved cooling efficiency, with a 15% gain overall and a particular focus on airflow to the engine's high temperature radiators through a unique new design of dihedral door."

Two separate air ducts are contained in the door structure, one directing air from the top of the door down to the engine radiators and another that draws air out of the front wheel arch to increase downforce. The latter implementation is said to serve as an evolution of the diffuser technology introduced with the P1.

Additional details will likely trickle out ahead of the March 7 press event.