Drivers who raced the cars trade machines and barbs.

The Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 16 Evo II is a modern legend, having raced in Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) against the likes of the BMW M3 and Ford Sierra Cosworth in the late 1980s. Recently, Mercedes put its old racer up against a modern DTM machine.

In a new video by Mercedes-AMG, Former Mercedes team driver Karl Wendlinger and his younger Mercedes-AMG team counterpart Maro Engel meet at Italy's Vallelunga circuit to compare the two race cars from their respective eras and trade barbs about which car is better.

"That looks pretty straightforward if you ask me," says Engel when he looks inside the 190E's spartan cockpit and its traditional round steering wheel.

"Yes, just the necessary three buttons." Wendlinger retorts. Engel then proceeds to bring over the modern steering wheel from his car, which is loosely based on a C63 Coupe. It's a an airplane style yoke with more buttons than a Nintendo controller.

The two then switch cars and compete. Despite the back-and-forth ribbing, both gain an appreciation of the other's machine. Back in the day, the 190E was built from a road car with its 4-cylinder engine heavily tuned by Cosworth, who engineered a new 16-valve cylinder head for it. As per homologation rules though, Mercedes released a road going version of this car. The C63 DTM, on the other hand was built from the ground up to be a race car, with only nominal similarities to the production car, like the headlights.

We would probably choose the 190E over the new car, but Wendlinger puts it best when he concludes, "I can't really imagine how these cars can get even better than they already are... Then again, they have been thinking the same 25 years ago."