The open-air GT is said to be one of nine new Mercedes-Benz models to arrive next year.

The rumored Mercedes-AMG GT convertible may be quickly approaching production.

Apparently labeled the GT C, the drop-top variant is slated for arrival in showrooms sometime next spring, according to a leaked presentation roadmap posted by Autocar.

The document shows the GT C following behind the GT R (pictured), which was unveiled just last month. The roadmap includes a "GTC C Coupe" toward the end of 2017, though the latest report suggests the title is erroneous and actually represents a facelift for the hardtop edition.

The GT C is rumored to be available in standard and S trims. The former will presumably boast 456 horsepower, while the latter should deliver 503 ponies.

Mercedes-Benz is expected to continue rolling out additional GT variants as the company attempts to better compete with Porsche's wide range of models in its popular 911 family. A Black Series hardtop will eventually be added to the mix, but not until late in the current generation's life cycle.