The car created for a video game appears in Justice League.

It looks like Batman might be upgrading his ride soon. In the latest DC flick, Ben Affleck's Dark Knight character will be driving a Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo, a car originally created for a video game.

To be accurate, it appears that Batman's civilian persona, Bruce Wayne, is the one actually driving the Vision Gran Turismo in Justice League, as Affleck is pictured sans cowl. Mercedes is sponsoring the movie, and providing vehicles for the entire Justice League. Wonder Woman's Diana Prince will be cruising around in an E-Series Cabriolet, while a G500 4x4² also makes an appearance, although which character it belongs to is unclear.

The Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo was created as a design study for future race cars in the Gran Turismo video game. However, the life-size version Mercedes' designers created was too small to fit the 6-foot 4-inch Affleck, so they actually had to make a larger one for filming. It is quite the departure from the Jeep Wayne drove in Batman vs Superman, a production that had FCA sponsorship.

So there you have it, a car created for a video game now being driven by a superhero in a cinematic "universe" not because the character chose it but because a company paid big bucks to have their brand included in the story. Who says art is dead?