The company's 'EQ' sub-brand could eventually get AMG performance enhancements.

Mercedes-Benz has dropped a few more hints pointing to AMG-tuned electric vehicles.

The German automaker last year revealed the 'Generation EQ' crossover concept, inaugurating a new EQ sub-brand for its future EVs. Earlier reports suggested a Tesla Model S-fighting sedan is also under development, further fueling hopes of an AMG edition in the spirit of the SLS AMG Electric Drive.

"Electrification will find its way into AMG, and for me it's not impossible that you'll have a fully electric version or an AMG variant of an EQ," Mercedes-Benz R&D head Ola Källenius told Car and Driver.

In the near term, Mercedes-Benz' 48-volt hybrid technology is expected to make its way into AMG's high-performance V6 and V8 engines. The extra voltage could power electric compressors to supplement exhaust-driven turbochargers, but full details are being kept under wraps for now.

In the longer term, Källenius suggests enthusiasts may not be mistaken in looking to the electric SLS AMG as "a preview of what the future could look like."

Image by Ronan Glon.