Several scale models resemble the expected shape of Mercedes-AMG's upcoming hypercar.

Mercedes-Benz may have quietly expanded its teaser campaign for the upcoming Project One.

The company recently released a large gallery showcasing many of its design studies penned over the years. Several photos appear to resemble the general shape of the Mercedes-AMG hypercar, which has only been teased with darkened profile shots.

As noted by Motor1, the scale models pictured in the design study gallery are not an exact match for the Project One teaser. They do share a bulbous cockpit and rounded haunches, suggesting the models could represent early ideas that eventually led to the final form.

The Project One will be motivated by a hybrid system that closely matches Mercedes-AMG's Formula 1 powertrain, pairing a 1.6-liter high-output turbocharged engine and electric motors to deliver at least 1,000 horsepower.

"The red line is over 10,000 even in the street legal car," an executive recently said.

The first prototypes are expected to begin testing this fall. Only 300 examples will eventually be produced, each presumably carrying a hefty price tag.