If built, the G-Class pickup will be sold exclusively to commercial buyers.

A report coming out of France indicates that Mercedes-Benz is planning on building a limited number of G-Class pickup trucks. Aimed exclusively at commercial buyers, the truck will go on sale in select European countries before the end of this year.

Although pictures of the G pickup are not currently available, it is expected to look fairly similar to the 290 GD that was sold in very small numbers throughout the 1990s. It will be as long as a regular four-door G-Class and it will have a single cab with a bench seat and a long bed with low sides.

Most G-Classes ordered new are equipped by a powerful gasoline-burning engine but the pickup will utilize a more efficient 3.0-liter CDI turbodiesel that makes 184 horsepower and 295 lb-ft. of torque. The truck's top speed will be limited to 55 mph in order to comply with the European regulations that apply to certain commercial vehicles.

In France, the G-Class pickup will carry a base price of roughly €51,900 (roughly $68,000) before taxes are factored in.

If the rumor proves true, more details about the G-Class truck will be available in the coming weeks.