The company is only expected to offer a crew-cab configuration.

Mercedes-Benz has reportedly narrowed its name choices for its upcoming pickup truck.

The German automaker is leaning toward the nameplate X-Class, hinting at its utility positioning, though Z-Class has been mentioned as a possible alternative, according to details of a confidential Australian design forum cited by CarAdvice.

The pickup will be based on the Nissan NP300 platform, known as the Frontier in the US market. To help differentiate the Mercedes-Benz adaptation, the German automaker is expected to only offer its pickup in double-cab form. The approach also mitigates potential development expenses in creating single- and extended-cab alternatives.

Despite opting for a single body style, the Mercedes-Benz pickup is said to be offered with three different trim packages. Its interior is believed to take inspiration from the current B-Class.

AMG designers could be working on a few styling tweaks, however a true AMG-tuned variant is not believed to be under consideration.

"An AMG version is highly unlikely, especially for the first version," cautioned Mercedes-Benz Australia PR manager David McCarthy.

The company has not yet confirmed plans to bring its pickup to the US market.