The Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR has already begun to ride off into the sunset, but before it goes the way of the Pontiac Aztec, the German automaker has decided to grace us with one more limited edition of the less-than-successful supercar. Dubbed the 722 S, the latest SLR is essentially a722 Coupe sans roof.

Because of the 722 S' link to the 722 Coupe, the uber drop top uses a supercharged 5.5L V8, good for 650 horsepower. That stable of ponies is good for a top end in excess of 220 mph, which makes the 772 S one of the fastest convertibles ever built.

Like the rest of the 722 S, the car's canvas top is even a high-speed marvel. Unlike some convertible tops residing atop bona fide, Mercedes claims the SLR 722 S' roof is good for speeds over 200 mph.

The 722 S also uses a carbon fiber body, which gives the convertible enough structural strength to achieve mind-numbing speeds even without the support of a fixed roof. The SLR 722 S also benefits from a 10 mm lower ride height, as well as a recalibrated suspension system.

Only 150 McLaren SLR 722 S's are earmarked for production, with availability beginning in January 2009.