The company is celebrating AMG's 50th anniversary with a minute-long commercial directed by the Coen Brothers.

Mercedes-Benz has released its fourth Super Bowl commercial ahead of the big game on February 5.

Easy Driver celebrates the 50th anniversary of the AMG performance sub-brand, while highlighting the imminent arrival of the new GT C Roadster.

As the name implies, the segment is inspired by the classic 1969 movie starring Peter Fonda. Nearly 50 years after the film was shot, Fonda plays the role of hero in the Super Bowl ad. The German automaker claims he is a "longtime Mercedes-Benz aficionado."

"The goal with the spot was to pay homage to the history that brought us to this point with something iconic but authentic that would resonate with people who have a passion for open air driving, who live for the call of the road and who share a little of that rebellion from the norm," said Mercedes-Benz USA marketing VP Drew Slaven.

The Coen Brothers-directed commercial will be complemented by an online campaign with extended cuts and behind-the-scenes footage.