Mercedes-Benz is taking to the high seas with a new luxury yacht.

Most people know that Mercedes-Benz is credited with creating the first motor vehicle over 125 years ago, but few realize that Gottlieb Daimler built the first motorized boat around the same time. Mercedes is looking to celebrate that nautical heritage with a new luxury motor yacht at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show.

The yacht, called the 'Silver Arrow of the seas', will be built by Silver Arrows Marine but will proudly wear Mercedes' three-pointed star. The Mercedes-Benz Style team has also been an integral part of the boat's development.

"Giving shape to a boat was an exciting challenge for automotive designers like us" said Gorden Wagener, Head of Design Mercedes-Benz Cars. "Our task was to explore how to apply the Mercedes-Benz design language to the particular proportions and specific requirements of a boat. We wanted to create something special and what we have come up with is indeed unique. The 'Silver Arrow of the seas' embodies pure emotion and stands for luxury, style and pleasure."

No word on what might power the 14-meter yacht but Mercedes' last marine creation - a 46-foot Cigarette boat - was powered by twin Mercury Racing engines developing a total of 2,700 horsepower.

The 'Silver Arrow of the seas' is set to hit the market sometime next year.