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Mercedes encases 1979 G-Class in 100,000 pounds of resin

by Drew Johnson

It\'s like Jurassic Park, but for cars.

Mercedes-Benz will unveil an all-new version of its iconic G-Glass at next week's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and the company is celebrating that milestone with an unusual tribute to the original G-Wagen.

Detroit show-goers will be treated to an over-sized art installment at the entrance of the NAIAS exhibition hall that features a 1979 280 GE encased in nearly 100,000 pounds of amber resin. Mercedes says the "installation symbolizes the timelessness of the off-road legend and makes a conscious reference to the natural phenomenon of insects preserved in amber. Like their genetic material the DNA of the first G-Class has also been preserved and is handed down from generation to generation. These genes are also in the new G-Class and they are carrying through the characteristic properties of the longest-lived model series from Mercedes-Benz into modern times: an iconic design, indestructible superiority off the beaten track and exceptional ride comfort on the road."

The square box measures 5.5 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width and 3.1 meters in height. Mercedes says the installment took 90-days to create. Following the Detroit show, the block will be transported to other G-Class launch events around the world.

Mercedes-Benz will unveil its all-new G-Class on January 14.