Mercedes could build the Project One hyper car in the UK

by Drew Johnson
Mercedes-AMG Project ONE LIVE - image 1

Mercedes will lean on its F1 operations in the UK to build its Project One hyper car.

Mercedes-AMG will likely build its upcoming Project One hyper car in the UK, a new report finds.

Although AMG has historically built its top offerings in Germany, Autocar claims Mercedes is looking to build the Project One in the UK to leverage the company's F1 facilities located there. Mercedes is already planning to source the Project One's body, chassis and engine from its F1 facilities in Brixworth and Brackley, so it would actually be more efficient to build the entire car there as well.

When it enters production in 2019, the Project One will be the closest thing to an F1 car for the street ever built. The road-going hyper car will use the exact same 1.6L V6 engine block and cylinder heads as Mercedes' F1 race car. Only minor tweaks have been make in the name of longevity.

Mercedes unveiled the Project One at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. Although the name will likely change, the production model should be a carbon copy of the show car that was on stage. The production version of the Project One will boast 1,000 horsepower from its hybrid drivetrain, giving the car a top speed of 217mph.

Mercedes is planning to build just 275 units of the Project One. Despite an estimated price tag north of $2 million, the entire production run is believed to be sold out. With such a limited production run planned, Mercedes will only build the Project One for a two-year period.

Photos by Ronan Glon.