Mercedes will take on Tesla's Powerwall with a home energy storage system of its own.

Not to be outdone by Tesla and its Powerwall, Mercedes-Benz has announced a new partnership with Vivint Solar to bring its home energy storage system to the United States.

Vivint will offer the Mercedes-Benz storage systems to compliment its rooftop solar energy systems. The batteries used for the home storage system are the same kind of lithium-ion units Mercedes uses in its hybrid and electric cars.

"As Mercedes-Benz electrifies its vehicle fleet, solar plus storage is essential to enable those vehicles to be powered by clean energy," said Boris von Bormann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, LLC. "With batteries featuring the best in automotive engineering from Mercedes-Benz, and high-quality solar energy systems from Vivint Solar, our solution allows customers to take the next step toward a sustainable energy future. The launch of our home battery system in Europe has been successful and we are thrilled to be working with Vivint Solar to bring a reliable and compelling solar plus storage offering to American homes."

The idea behind the partnership is that Vivint customers can store electricity during the daytime hours, and then use it at night when electricity rates are typically higher. The storage system will be available to customer in California starting this quarter.

Each storage system consists of a modular 2.5 kWh battery. Homeowners can bundle the system to provide up to 20 kWh of electrical storage. Pricing for the storage system was not announced.