A-list action film director Michael Bay takes a turn at directing the trailer for the next Need for Speed car racing game instalment.

Action film director Michael Bay has turned his hand to directing the trailer for the latest installment of the Need for Speed car racing video game franchise.

Bay is best known for his high-octane, high-adrenaline flicks including the Transformers movies, Bad Boys, The Rock and Armageddon. These films have all had the thrills and spills that have also marked the Need for Speed games, which makes the pairing seem less unusual than it might.

With video games ratcheting up their budgets, which can run into the tens of millions of dollars for major titles, as well as increasingly adopting a more cinematic approach, gaming is entertainment big business. The Need for Speed franchise alone has racked up over 100 million games sold, putting the producers on solid ground when seeking to recruit a high-profile figure like Bay.

Michael Bay's Need for Speed trailer

The making of: An interview with Michael Bay

The latest instalment titled, Need for Speed: The Run, follows a character, 'Jack,' who has been given the opportunity to race cars across the US to win a prize that will help him pay off some debts to a bunch of not very nice people. Also, for the first time, the character doesn't only drive around in cars, but also interacts with the environment.

Bay was called on board to take some existing footage and convert it into a trailer promoting the game. During production of the trailer, Bay got the game's artists to tweak the outtakes and the editor to piece together action footage with a view to pumping up the viewer's heart rates as they watch the action unfold.

"What I try to do with my trailers is to get your heart racing to the end of it," says Bay.

The result is very similar to watching a trailer for the next Hollywood blockbuster. Need for Speed: The Run is out on November 15.


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