Only 400 of the throwback solid blue color will be made.

BMW of Japan is releasing a limited edition color of the Mini Cooper. Ice Blue is said to represent a retro hue popular in the 1960s, a throwback to the original Mini.

Only 400 Ice Blue Minis will be sold, in a mix of 3-door and 5-door versions, as well as the diesel engine option that is available in Japan. The color is described as a solid, without metallic or pearl found in modern paints, in order to evoke the nostalgia of the 1960s. The color is matched with a white roof and white mirror caps. The look is said to have been inspired by the ceramics and bone china popular in England during the 1700s.

Cabin-wise, the dashboard inserts and circular air vent bezels are finished in an off-white color exclusive to this edition as well. LED headlights and foglamps, typically offered as additional options, are included. The standard headlights on Japanese Minis are different than the those for the US market. The headlight is surrounded entirely by a white ring because there is no regulation that the turn signal lens must be amber.

The Mini Ice Blue Edition goes on sale in Japan today, September 8. There are no known plans to offer the color in the US.