Mitsubishi to launch compact EV with 250-mile range by 2020?

by Justin King
eX live images - image 1

An executive seemingly slipped a production confirmation for a model that matches the eX concept's description.

A Mitsubishi executive has seemingly slipped a production confirmation for an all-electric compact crossover.

Speaking to government officials on Australia's Kangaroo Island, Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko mentioned a small battery-powered crossover with a range of 400 km (249 miles) that will arrive in global markets within four years, according to a Motoring report.

The executive did not elaborate, but the description appears to mesh with the eX concept (pictured) that was unveiled late last year. The small electric concept boasts the same range estimate, with a battery placed below the floor to maintain a low center of gravity.

The eX was presented as more of a design study, featuring a bold styling inspired by shooting-brake cars. The company at the time suggested the crossover shows a design direction that will be followed by future production vehicles.

The Japanese automaker has encountered persistent delays bringing its Outlander plug-in hybrid to the US market, but PHEVs and pure battery EVs are expected to play a central role in the company's revitalization strategy. The latest executive comments indicate the plan is still moving forward in the wake of the fuel-efficiency scandal that prompted Nissan to take a controlling stake.

Live images by Ben Hsu.