Mitsubishi may be showing its latest plug-in hybrid technology in an Outlander-based SUV concept at this month's Tokyo Motor Show, but the Japanese automaker could be planning to use the green tech in the next-generation of its top performance car.

Mitsubishi's PX-MiEV plug-in hybrid concept is set to take to the Tokyo show stage in just a few days, but the company's first use of the technology could actually come in the form of the next-generation Lancer Evolution, according to the latest report from the UK's Autocar.

The PX-MiEV may have been designed with fuel economy in mind - Mitsubishi says the concept can achieve 140mpg - but the show car also employs a version of the Evo's S-AWC handling control system, ensuring that performance is not sacrificed. The PX-MiEV plug-in hybrid system uses 81 horsepower electric motors at each axel - allowing for all-wheel drive - with a 1.6L gas engine providing additional power to the front wheels while also serving as a generator for the car's lithium-ion battery pack.

However, due to the global economic down turn, Mitsubishi has been forced to push back the launch of the next Evo. The next-generation of the super sedan won't launch until 2013 - at the earliest - with the plug-in hybrid version likely to trail by a few months.