The Evo badge might not return until the early 2020s.

Resurrecting the emblematic Evo nameplate isn't a priority, according to Mitsubishi.The Japanese company sent the Lancer Evolution to the great junkyard in the sky last year. We've known for a while that its replacement might take the form of a high-riding crossover powered by a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, but Australian magazine Motoring has just learned the model could be much further away than we initially thought.

"I would say [a new performance model] is long-term rather than mid-term. It will be between three and six years," Mitsubishi global boss Trevor Mann told the publication.

His time frame suggests we might not see a new Evo until 2023, meaning it would arrive in American showrooms as a 2024 model. It also hints the model that will spawn the Evo isn't on the market yet, so it's too early to provide more concrete details such as how big it will be, and how much power it will pack.

The next Evo could signal the dawn of a new performance era for Mitsubishi. Mann revealed the brand is considering returning to racing after a decades-long hiatus.

"[Racing] goes with the brand and it's something that we've got the technology in, and our engineers know what to do. It's something we need to consider again," he said.

Note: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition pictured. Photo by Ben Hsu.