The Model S owner intervened after noticing another car cruising down the highway with an unconscious driver behind the wheel.

Tesla has offered free repairs for a Model S owner who used his expensive EV to stop another car that was piloted by an unconscious driver.

Manfred Kick was driving on a highway near Munich when he noticed the other driver "tipped forward and hung motionless," according to a Merkur report that speculates the motorist may have suffered a stroke.

"I had to stop his car somehow, otherwise it would have continued forever," he said. "And it was clear that the driver needed urgent help."

Kick passed the runaway vehicle and maneuvered his Model S in front, apparently causing a soft rear-end collision has he braked to bring both to a stop. Police have reportedly praised him for the action, but it created an unclear circumstance for insurance coverage.

"Congrats to the Tesla owner who sacrificed damage to his own car to bring a car with an unconscious driver safely to a stop!" Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter. "In appreciation, Tesla is providing all repair costs free of charge and expedited."

Image by Feuerwehr M√ľnchen.