Police were unable to corroborate the claim that Autopilot was active, but the minor 'tap' will not be investigated.

A Tesla Model X driver has allegedly blamed Autopilot for a collision with a police motorcycle in Phoenix.

The electric crossover struck the rear end of the on-duty officer's motorcycle at an intersection after exiting the Black Canyon Freeway, according to an Arizona Republic report citing an official police confirmation.

The officer quickly dismounted and moved out of the way before the Model X hit the dropped bike at around three miles per hour.

The Model X driver allegedly told the officer that the vehicle was in Autopilot mode when the accident occurred. Tesla's latest Autopilot system is designed to maneuver the vehicle from a highway to an off ramp, but humans are required to take the wheel during the transition to side streets.

Police were unable to corroborate the driver's claim that Autopilot was active. With no injuries or significant damage to the vehicles, the department will not pursue any investigation.

The Norwegian Motorcyclists' Union last year raised concerns after a female rider was allegedly severely injured after her motorcycle was struck from behind by a Tesla vehicle with Autopilot engaged. The organization asked Tesla and European regulators if Autopilot and similar semi-autonomous systems have been thoroughly tested for effectiveness in avoiding collisions with motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.