Filings with the NHTSA for 2018 show two model variants sharing the Type R's K20C1 engine.

Rumors pointing to a cheaper Honda Civic Type R appear to have received a bit of official corroboration.

NHTSA filings spotted by a reader at The Truth About Cars appear to show two different model codes for the Type R. The code FK8G7 is listed as the "Touring" edition, matching the current production model, while FK8G3 is simply described as the "Type R."

Both model codes are listed as a five-door hatchback with the same 306-horsepower K20C1 engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

The latest finding meshes with an earlier leak showing base and Touring packages in Honda's 2018-model-year dealer ordering guide.

Specific details of the base model's downgrades remain unclear, though it will presumably drop the Type R entry point by a few thousand dollars below the Touring edition's nearly $35,000 price tag.