Both bikes are prototypes, but a production model is near.

Honda tuner Mugen will return to this year's Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) with an all-electric superbike named Shinden Roku. Shinden Roku means "god of electricity six" in Japanese, according to Autoblog. The bike was developed to compete in the TT Zero category, which is open exclusively to zero-emissions machines.

Essentially an update of last year's winner, the Shinden Roku boasts an electric motor that provides 161 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque. It draws electricity from a brand-new battery pack.

The frame and the body panels are made entirely out of carbon fiber. A 160-horse rating may not sound like much, but it's plenty of power in a bike that tips the scale at merely 550 pounds. Mugen hasn't released additional performance specifications.

The tuner is serious about electrifying the high-performance two-wheeler segment. It also introduced a concept named E.Rex that previews what a battery-powered dirt bike could look like.

Based on the gasoline-burning CRF 250, the E.Rex receives body panels shaped like a dinosaur's rib cage and a skull-like front panel. All we know about what lies beneath the prehistory-inspired design is that it's equipped with an aluminum frame and an electric motor built by Honda.

Mugen stresses the Shinden Roku and the E.Rex are just prototypes at this point. However, the company explains it's working closely with Honda to bring an electric dirt bike to the market in the coming years.