The Model X will remain Tesla's only crossover for now.

Tesla's ambitious expansion plan calls for the launch of a compact, entry-level crossover named Model Y. Buyers looking for a more affordable set of falcon doors will need to be patient, however.

The Model Y is "a few years away" from arriving in showrooms, according to company boss and co-founder Elon Musk. Tesla remains a relatively small automaker, and it's currently allocating the bulk of its resources to successfully starting production of the Model 3 so it can deliver the first examples this summer.

The Model Y will be to the Model X what the 3 is to the S, but official information is still few and far between. At this point, all we know is that it will ride on an evolution of the platform that underpins the 3, and it will use the same hardware and software. Its wheelbase will likely be too short to fit a 100-kWh battery, though upcoming advances in lithium-ion technology might mean it's no longer necessary to use such a large pack to achieve acceptable range.

Tesla admitted the aforementioned falcon doors delayed the Model X's launch several times. The Y will offer the same setup, but they will be cheaper and more straight-forward to build.

When the Y finally arrives, Tesla's lineup will include models S, 3, X, and Y. Clearly, Musk has a sense of humor.