Eadon Green will show its first car at the Geneva Auto Show.

Most startup automakers are founded to build futuristic, tech-packed cars capable of disrupting the major players in the automotive industry. A new British automaker named Eadon Green aims to do just the opposite: its mission is to compete against Morgan Motors with a lineup of modern classics.

Based in London, England, the company will introduce a car named Black Cuillin during the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. A teaser sketch unmistakably depicts a coupe with a 1930s-esque silhouette defined by a long hood, a fast-sloping roof line, and pronounced fenders. It's not too far-fetched to say the Black Cuillin resembles the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, though we'll reserve our judgement until we see the final product.

Eadon Green promises to release more details about its first car in the weeks leading up to the Geneva Auto Show, so we'll have to be patient to find out what's next. However, British magazine Autocar accurately points out the company's logo incorporates checkered flags, which hints performance will be one of the automaker's main focus.

The annual Geneva Auto Show opens its doors to the press and the public in early March. Leftlane will be live in Switzerland to comprehensively cover of all the debuts and announcements, including Eadon Green's retro-flavored machine.