Confirming earlier reports that the government's tallying system for the cash for clunkers program wasn't exactly spot on, the Web site cars.gov has released an update list of the best-selling vehicles under the CARS program, with two full-size trucks now residing in the top 10.

According to the government's latest data, two of the top selling vehicles under the cash for clunkers program were actually full-size pickup trucks. Thanks to a new tallying system that counts sales by model rather than model and drivetrain, the Chevrolet Silverado now holds the 8th spot and the Ford F-150 the 10th spot on the clunkers most purchased list.

Additionally, the new counting system boosts the Honda CR-V from an unranked nameplate to the sixth best-selling vehicle under the CARS program. As a result of the new counting system, the Toyota Prius, Honda Accord and Honda Fit were bumped from the top 10 list.

Although the truck trade-in percentage - 84 - remains the same under the new tallying system, the new data brings into question the CARS program's effectiveness of promote green vehicle purchases. The three vehicles bumped from the top 10 list averaged 35mpg while the three new addition only average 19mpg.