Its impressive braking performance is nearly on par with the flagship P1.

McLaren has continued its teaser campaign for the next-generation Super Series, this time showing an action video and highlighting braking improvements.The video provides the first full look at the new car, albeit in camouflage-wrapped prototype form. The segment includes track footage, drifting and commentary from McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin.

"The extreme performance and dynamic prowess of the second-generation Super Series, honed by testing at the limits and beyond, provides the perfect foundation for it to be the most complete supercar across the full range of use," he promises.

The redesigned supercar can get to 124 mph in just 7.8 seconds. Arguably of equal or higher importance, it can get back down to a stop in a mere 4.6 seconds and 117 meters -- six meters short of the current 650S and nearly matching the flagship P1's braking benchmark.

The new Super Series integrates lighter, stiffer brake calipers on carbon-ceramic discs as standard equipment. Aside from raw braking performance, the setup is said to improve pedal feel and modulation at the limit. Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, developed via collaboration between McLaren and Pirelli, bring a six percent improvement in mechanical grip.

Additional details will presumably continue to surface ahead of McLaren's official unveiling event on March 7.