SheSafe caters to women and children and will have only female drivers.

A new competitor to Lyft and Uber has cropped up in Australia, but as its name implies, SheSafe is for women only.

SheSafe is a ride-sharing service in which all drivers are women, and all passengers are either women or children. On the company website founder Emma Buchanan says she got the idea "back in January of 2016 when I was in a café and overheard two Mums chatting about how unhappy they felt about their daughters getting into taxis and other ride sharing cars with male drivers, especially late at night."

Now, a year later, the service is about to launch in Melbourne, with expansion planned in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. According to Motoring.com.au, hundreds of drivers have signed up already.

Companies like Uber have received criticism for not conducting thorough enough safety checks on drivers, and a number of sexual assaults by drivers have been reported, and last November Uber settled a court case in which two of their drivers were accused of sexual assault.

"Women and young girls shouldn't have to feel worried or apprehensive about getting into a car with a male driver," says Buchanan, "But sadly many of them do." For its part, says Motoring, Uber has issued a statement welcoming the competition.