The updated models are smaller than their US counterparts.

Toyota has unveiled an updated version of its evergreen Corolla for Japan, including sedan, wagon and hybrid versions.

While the Corolla sold in the US (and much of the rest of the world) has grown considerably with each successive generation, the Japanese Corolla is a different model altogether and retains its slim Y2K-era size, about 11 inches shorter than the US-spec model.

The new grille is not dissimilar to that of the 2012 Camry, pre-2014 facelift. However, below the bumper is a large trapezoidal grille connecting two foglamp nooks. The honest sedan profile that eschews faux sportiness and does not attempt to be anything that it's not.

Even more likely to be missed in American markets is the Corolla Fielder, the five-door wagon variant. Equipped with optional LED headlights, a 5-speed manual, and handsome longroof profile, it represents a breed long extinct in the States.

While the sedan comes with the option of a 1.3 or 1.5L four-cylinders, the wagon is available with 1.5 or 1.8L mills to compensate for the added heft. Both can be had with the same 1.5L hybrid-electric system found in the Prius.

All new Japanese-market Corollas will be equipped with Toyota's new Safety Sense package, that includes pre-collision warning and braking, lane departure alerts and automatic high beams.