Two Guinness World Records are set by a gym team cramming itself into a modern MINI and classic Mini.

As promised and part of the eighth-annual Guinness World Records day, a team of gym members have set two new records for cramming the most number of human beings into both a 2012 MINI Cooper and the original car. The team last year set the record at 27 ladies in the modern car, taking it away from a team of dancers that managed to fit 26 into the car at the start of 2011.

The event took place at Potters Fields Park in London. Four of the all-female team fit in the hatchback of the Cooper. The team trained for the undertaking, stretching their muscles and joints for months ahead of the trial and practicing the positioning of each member in the car thanks to the help of their local MINI dealer.

Not content with just the one record, the gals then went to ITV studios to try and set another one by cramming as many of themselves as they could have into the much smaller original Mini Cooper. Here, they fared better, beating the previous record by two bodies and managing to cram 23 into the tiny classic. They even beat their own expectation and target of 23 people in the car. As per the rules, all doors and trunks must be closed, as do the windows, for at least five seconds.