François Hollande's first official outing in the DS5 will take place on May 15th, 2012.

In a lot of countries a new president generally means a new presidential ride. France is no exception and a report published by Europe 1 indicates that the newly-elected Socialist president François Hollande has picked a Citroën DS5 as his official car.

This marks a break from the armored Renault Vel Satis that was regularly used by Nicolas Sarkozy, the outgoing right-wing president, during the five years that he was in office.

Hollande has reportedly chosen the eco-friendly HYbrid4 variant of the DS5. It mixes a 163 horsepower four-cylinder HDi turbodiesel engine with a 37 horsepower electric motor that is mounted on the rear axle.

The DS5 HYbrid4 carries a base price of ,43,000 ($55,000) but the presidential model will cost a little more. A final set of specifications has yet to be released but several sources indicate that it will be fitted with a big sunroof, a feature not available on run-of-the-mill DS5 models.

Hollande's first outing in the DS5 is scheduled to take place on May 15th, 2012, when he officially takes the reigns of France from Sarkozy.

The president's choice will give Citroën an absolutely massive amount of publicity. The DS5 will be featured on numerous television stations and pictures of it will illustrate countless articles published all around the world. Analysts from the advertising world estimate that if Citroën wanted to buy that kind of publicity, it would have to shell out a whopping ,10 million ($12.9 million).

François Hollande is not the first French president to choose a Citroën as his official car. René Coty used a Traction 15/6 H Limousine, Charles de Gaulle favored a DS, George Pompidou rode around in a specially-built four-door SM while Jacques Chirac started his 12-year long presidency in a CX and ended it in a C6.