BMW's next Z4 will be based on a Toyota platform.

BMW's recently signed long-term partnership with Toyota will see the company's next-generation Z4 sports car based on the GT86. BMW inked an agreement with Toyota in January to jointly develop a new sports car platform, among other things.

According to Motor Trend, the next-generation BMW Z4 will ride on a modified version of the rear-wheel drive platform that underpins the Toyota GT86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The updated GT86 architecture will also underpin Toyota's upcoming Supra sports car.

Given its GT86 roots, the next Z4 should be quite the handler, but the sports car should also possess above average straight-ling speed. BMW is reportedly developing a new V6 hybrid system for the Z4 that will generate about 400 horsepower.

The Toyota Supra is tipped for a 2017 market launch, but the new BMW Z4 could launch sometime before that. The current version of the Z4 was introduced in 2009, so BMW will likely be eager to update the popular sports car well before the introduction of the Supra.

Toyota will reportedly show off a concept version of the new Supra later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show, so it remains possible that BMW could preview the next Z4 with a concept at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.