If genuine, the photos appear to confirm that the redesigned Regal will not stray from the latest Opel Insignia.

Buick's next Regal may have appeared ahead of schedule, thanks to an alleged image leak from General Motors' joint venture with China's SAIC.

Photos posted on Chinese car site Autohome are claimed to show the new Regal in final production form.

If genuine, the photos suggest the Regal will be a nearly perfect match for its Opel- and Vauxhall-badged counterpart, the Insignia, sharing all body components and distinguished only by the logos and front grille.

The Insignia is arguably toned down from the current Regal, bringing a more mainstream styling closer to the design language of the LaCrosse and Buick's latest crossovers.

The new Regal should be significantly lighter than the current model, riding on a lower and wider chassis with shorter overhangs. It will likely be offered with a turbocharged gasoline engine in the US market, with diesel powerplants available abroad.

The image leak suggests the new Regal will make its first public appearance at the Shanghai auto show.